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Thought to have originated in Newfoundland and off the coast of Greenland, the Labrador was used by fishermen to retrieve and drag the ends of fishing nets in to the shore. Employed for retrieving game and held in high regard as a guide dog and sniffer dog detecting drugs and explosives, this is an excellent water dog. It has a distinctive short, dense coat, hard to the touch and with a water-resistant undercoat.

Coat color can be black, yellow or liver/chocolate, yellows ranging from light cream to red fox. Another characteristic feature is the breed's otter-like tail, very thick at the base and tapering towards the tip. Strongly built, short-coupled and broad, the ideal height is 54-57 cm (21.5—22.5 in) and weight is usually 25-34 kg (55-75 lb). Regular exercise and sensible feeding is important to prevent this breed carrying too much weight. The Labrador Retriever is good tempered and very agile, an adaptable and devoted companion who is intelligent, keen and biddable, with a very strong will to please.

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Just Labs
Just Labs Magazine is the canine magazine devoted to the family Labrador Retriever--the black, yellow, or chocolate dog who shares life like a member of the family.

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